Kenneth P. Stoller, MD, is President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatrics, a Diplomat of the American Board of Hyperbaric Medicine, a Fellow of the American College for Hyperbaric Medicine, and a member of the New Mexico Medical Society. He was University of California President's Undergraduate Fellow in the UCLA Medical Center's Department of Anesthesiology, and has over two decades of clinical experience in pediatric medicine.

Dr. Stoller is a founding board member of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, and was also a founding board member of the Humane Farming Association, He was Science Editor of the Animals' Voice Magazine where he was nominated for a Maggie. His Op-Ed pieces have appeared in several. newspapers and periodicals from The Atlanta Constitution, Los Angeles Times, Abq Tribune to The Scientist. He has served on both the Injury Prevention Committee and the Environmental Hazards Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Stoller is medical director of the :

Dr. Stoller was first exposed to Aerospace Medicine in 1970, when he helped download data from NASA's Biosatellite III mission at the Brain Research Institute at UCLA. In 1995, the heart of a close friend of Dr. Stoller stopped beating. When he was resuscitated by paramedics, catastrophic brain damage had already occurred - he was in a coma for almost a month. It was Dr. Stoller's frustration with the therapy then offered his brain injured friend that revived his interest in the field, specifically Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Stoller's intention is to raise the level of consciousness about the benefits of this new medical specialty, and make it available to as many patients as possible.

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