The Effect of Different Magnetic Fields On Ion Transport

Figure: In this animation you will see three different structures magnetic fields. Click on "
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Animation 1: Permanent Magnet
A permanent magnet is not able to transport ions, but even blocked the transport.

Animation 2: Magnetic Fields with Sine-Wave Amplitudes
Sinis amplitudes are not transported to also be able ions. However, these frequencies in the field of bone healing may be helpful, because the application is created by a polarization of the bone at the fracture site. This polarization is realized with the QRS ® application as well.

Animation 3: e-function with Magnetic Amplitudes (the original QRS ®-magnetic)
With the discovery of the occurrence of a so-called direct-current system in humans and all vertebrate animals, and thus a DC component (frequency = 0 Hz) by the Americans RO Becker in the 80s, a new stage in the application of physical therapy has been achieved. Obviously, such a component must be analogous to the magnetic field and electrical nature always included in a therapy signal in addition to the known frequencies.

QRS ®-magnetic-pulse sequence with QRS ®-based program
a) QRS ® single pulse
b) QRS ®-pulse train including AC (alternating current) - and DC (direct current) component of the QRS ®-based program
(Source: Krauss, M.: The natural electromagnetic signals in our environment and its simulation as QRS ®-magnetic therapy.)

An increase of the DC component is set automatically when a higher-level QRS ® is elected. Then decreases but the relative influence of the exponential function, because the jump height at t = 0 simultaneously with increases (in the formulation of QRS ® Patent "rectangular current").



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